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“You really did make our kick-off event memorable. You were so engaging and really landed the messages we were hoping for. The team were full of compliments for you and I know that you inspired each and every one of us in the room. Result!”
Vicki Battman, Head of HR Manheim, Women With Drive Event

“When Nathalie spoke on behalf of Wings for Life at Talon Outdoor, you could hear a pin drop. Told with honesty and humility, her story challenges preconceptions of sport, women and disability in equal measure. The most resonant question she poses is: ‘If you see the impossible as possible, what could you achieve?’ – such a brilliant question which any crowd is certain to ponder.”
Nikki Wilson, Head of Wings For Life UK

“Nathalie visited Talon to talk to us about how her life changed since a car accident at 16, her life at university and working with Wings for Life. After the presentation, many of the team spoke about how impressed they were with how Nathalie told her story, and how living with hope and a passion for motorsport has changed her outlook on what is possible if you put your mind to a task that would seem impossible to most. Nathalie is an inspirational speaker and a great role model.”
Frank Bryant, Managing Partner, Talan Outdoor

“Nathalie presented her fascinating story to over 50 staff at our offices. It was truly humbling to listen to how Nathalie has overcome adversity to achieve her goals and never be told she can’t do something. Not only was Nathalie’s presentation engaging and humorous, it was without doubt inspirational!”
Edward Tomlinson, IM Asset Management Ltd

“We were delighted to have Nathalie McGloin visit Barnet and Southgate College to give a motivational talk to our Motor Sports students and our students with learning disabilities. Nathalie proved to be an absolute inspiration to everyone, as well as being extremely popular with students. We were all held in awe of her courage and abilities. She proved to be an excellent role model to any aspiring young person.”
Kevin Haggarthy, Head of Industry Liaison & Motor Sports Automotive Technologies Department, Barnet and Southgate College

“Nathalie is a tremendous public speaker with a truly inspiring story to tell. She was an absolute pleasure to welcome to our Spinal Injuries Unit and to this day the patients and staff use her as motivation to achieve their goals and more. Her abilities both on- and off-track are remarkable and we would love to have her return at any time.”
Jamie Pav, Consultant, Southport Spinal Injuries Centre

“Nathalie provided an inspirational talk for a diverse audience at our summer supporter event. She spoke with honesty and integrity about her story, sharing her philosophy for making the most out of life. There are so many facets to Nathalie’s racing career that make listening to her completely captivating, not in the least the fact that she’s a female tetraplegic. Nathalie’s talk was thought provoking, passionate and incredibly well received.”
Nikki Wilson, Head of Wings For Life UK

“Nathalie delivered an amazing and truly inspirational speech, reminding parents and students that life is to be lived, regardless of backgrounds and personal situations. Nathalie’s ability to draw for the audience a clear outline of her challenges, share anecdotes and successes was inspirational and extremely impressive – and delivered with panache and humility. Definitely one of the very best speakers we have had – and we’ve had lots! Top drawer stuff.”
David Byrne, Principal and Chief Executive of Barnet and Southgate College

“Nathalie presented a tailored approach to our audience who were taken back by Nathalie’s determination to overcome challenges. She communicated excellently about the work that Wings For Life do and encourage participation in the Wings For Life World Run. Nathalie stayed around after the presentation to meet the group and discuss her stories further which was a really great addition.”
Ben Wilkin, Red Bull Athletes Team UK